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20 Questions Trivia is an event of hosted trivia games which founder and host, Steve Duncan said he started as a great way to get people off their phones and interacting in a fun way. But instead of the same trivia questions every game, each round can be a different category from many genres, including history, science, pop culture, music, movies, you name it!


Into a certain fandom or theme? Check out our theme nights, where our questions could be about anything from Star Wars, to Star Trek, to Marvel vs DC, The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, whatever gets your geek on. If you have an idea about a theme we should have, feel free to suggest it to us, and popular ideas may be added to the list!


If you and a group of friends are aspiring trivia masters, check out our team games, which almost always feature a cash prize. Team Captains will bring teams of five or six to these events where all teams pay an entry fee and the top teams share in the prize.


What's lazy, lethargic, and bored at home?

You if you miss out on our next event.

Yes, we do private parties!     Yes, we do corporate events!     Yes, we do fundraising events!

Yes, we do weekly events and pubs as well as special theme nights!



Let's flip to the back of the book,

and peek at the answer key.

You may have played bar trivia before, but you haven’t played 20 Questions Trivia before, (unless you actually have played with us before.) Our trivia is more than just questions flashed on a television screen while people try to punch in their answers on a clunky box; this is an interactive affair. You’ll see no repeated questions, and since many of our themes reside in pop culture, there are less questions that might make you feel dumb as well!

Our events are run by our host with a mix of lo tech and hi tech gear. A question goes up on the big screen and you and your team write your answer on a sheet of paper. The answer is then put up on the same big screen, and another team keeps track of your correct answers to keep it fair. Add in an adult beverage or two if you wish to get the fun going loud and strong. Various businesses from across the region, including the host establishment, sponsor prizes to keep things competitive, yet friendly!


Themes are chosen by the last place team each round to make sure everyone has a chance to win. Questions are formulated and ready for the next round in about the time of your average bathroom break.


Make sure to check out our theme nights, where our questions could be about anything that gets your geek on. If you have an idea about a theme we should have, make sure to suggest it to us!



He's A Quizard!    She's A Quizard!

Wouldn't You Like To Be A Quizard Too?


All the talent in the world won’t take you anywhere without your teammates.

We’re more than just bar flies, as you’ll find us at corporate events, conventions, even holiday parties or weddings. Businesses can use us for icebreaker events, orientation for new hires and even conventions. We even have a Bingo format for our trivia events if you want to switch it up a bit.


We can even use our trivia format for training in a corporate setting, if you want to liven that session up a bit and keep people engaged and interested. The material can be sent to us so that we can formulate questions based on the training, or you can use our format and formulate your own questions.


Looking for a fun and challenging way to raise funds for an event or charity?

Well, 20 Questions Trivia puts the fun in… well, you get it.

We offer a personalized and hosted trivia event that is professional enough to raise much-needed funds for any event or organization.

We offer consultation meetings, social media campaigns and total event management.


If you love trivia, and you’re the kind of person who always has their competitive juices flowing,

we have just the thing for you.


Our leagues run for four weeks with 9 rounds of trivia per week. We have space for 20 teams of four players, with two bench players as fill-ins. The cost is $80 per team with prizes awarded to the top three teams.


The teams are split into two conferences with two divisions of five teams.

 League nights consist of 9 rounds of trivia with seven questions per round. A spinning wheel determines the ten rounds per week. Team Captains are responsible for recruiting their own teams, and team lists must be submitted within a certain time before the leagues start to be considered eligible.


 Any questions? Please contact us.



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